Beach Olympics are the perfect opportunity to get your teams to interact and bond through tons of fun & high energy games that are safe for all ages and abilities. 

On the beautiful beaches of Hilton Head Island teams compete for points, the title, and custom T-Shirts (with your companies logo). To pump up the excitement MC/DJ Crush will mix up a variety of music ensured to get everyone moving!   Teams compete in an inclusive series of games in a round-robin format, with results progressively reported by team captains.

     All of the beach based games are commonly  played here on Hilton Head Island.  Such as: Volleyball, Corn Hole, Flag Football,  Ladder Golf, Ultimate Frisbee, 

Bocce Ball, Soccer & more. 

  As our games conclude, our MC/DJ Crush will collect and check the game sheets, announce the winning team, and make the awards presentation. Lays are awarded to all participants. 

**Full options to customize are available. 






Lip Sync Battle

Take it up a notch with DJ/MC Crush as your host. Laugh out of your seat, 

bond with your team & watch natural leaders emerge. 

     Crush Entertainment has everything you will need to make a night full of memories with your group!  We include costume pieces to fit many  generas, from Elvis to M.C. Hammer.   We encourage everyone involved to immerse themselves into the game, using props, wigs, jewelry, hats, etc.  

Your team  will have 10 minutes to choose from a list of 100 famous songs.  

They will be given time to prepare, change, and get excited!   Finally, each team will take the stage to show off their skills.   Judges will  score each team and DJ Crush will announce the winners. The winning team will receive  custom made "Lip Sync Kings"  t-shirts adorned with your company Logo. 

**Full options to customize are available. 


If you can dream we can do it!

We can custom build any event you can imagine! 

  • MC/DJ Crush Dance Party/Reception.

  • Photography

  • Silent Disco

  • Hollywood Game Night

  • Photo Booth

  • Lighting & Decor

  • Inflatable Movies Screens

    • Cotton Candy, Popcorn and more​

  • Television Rentals

  • Audio Rentals

  • Game Rentals

  • Kids Parties with Inflatables & Games

  • Drone Races

  • Bingo

  • Music Trivia

  • Karaoke

  • Surfing, Bodyboarding